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J-1 Visa Teacher Exchange Program 
english     fran?ais     espa?ol (haga click aqui para la versi?n en espa?ol) Cordell Hull

Cordell Hull Foundation teacher visa j-1 visa exchange visa international teacher exchange Spanish teacher visa foreign exchange French teacher J 1 foreign visa French visa Spanish visa J-1 exchange visa foreign visa 
Foreign Policy Association recognizes The Cordell Hull Foundation in Educators Corner

Teacher Exchange Blog:  http://j1visateachexc.blogspot.com/

The Cordell Hull Foundation for International Education is authorized by the U.S. Department of State to sponsor J-1 visas for exchange visitors and takes pride in overseeing exchange programs for teachers from fifty countries.  After enjoying the experience of teaching in the United States on a temporary basis of one to three years, program participants return home to share memories and realistic feedback on American culture.   
The Cordell Hull Foundation offices are centrally located in Midtown Manhattan near Central Park.  

To qualify as a J-1 exchange teacher visitor, foreign nationals must be invited by a school, district or state to participate in CHF's Exchange Visitor program and: 

(1) meet the qualifications for teaching in primary or secondary schools in their country of nationality or last legal residence, 
(2) have at least three years' teaching or related professional experience,
(3) satisfy the standards of the US state where they will teach,
(4) be proficient in the English language,
(5) be of good reputation and character, and seek to enter the U.S. to (6) teach full time. 

Applications from individual teachers will be accepted and kept in our database.  CHF is not a personnel agency and does not represent nor seek positions for individual foreign teachers. French teachers from francophone countries must be certified to teach in France in order to qualify for CHF's French immersion school programs.  See CHF Teacher Application link at the bottom of this webpage which includes a Memo of Understanding of J-1 and CHF program rules to sign and fax to CHF. 

The English version of the form may be completed in either English or French.  For best results, the Spanish version of the application should be completed in English.

Message from President Marianne Mason

The Cordell Hull Foundation Teacher Exchange Program provides sponsorship of J-1 visas for foreign teachers for a 1-3 year period. Since our founding in 1951, the Foundation has successfully established programs in U.S. schools sponsoring thousands of teachers from over fifty countries.

The work of the Foundation, a not-for-profit organization located in New York City, is dedicated to Mr. Hull, the former U.S. Secretary of State and Nobel Peace Laureate honored primarily for his efforts as prime architect of the United Nations. In keeping with the late Secretary?s wishes, we seek to promote comity among nations through education and cultural exchange. 

We are proud of this record, the relationships with our excellent schools and - of course - our outstanding teachers. Numerous educators have shared with us the frustration of having difficulty in inviting foreign nationals to contribute diversity and authenticity to language programs owing to the perceived complexity of the visa process or, we are told, the prohibitive costs frequently incurred in steering visa applications to successful conclusion.  

Schools and public school districts are invited to learn more about the J-1 visa teacher exchange program and that which we stand ready and able to do for you.  For details, click on FAQs ... Frequently Asked Questions on the navigation bar on the left side of this page.

Most CHF foreign visitors participate as teachers in bilingual programs in French, Spanish, German or Greek.  Others teach or assist in programs such as ESL, music, sports, math, science and/or drama, and in several specialized international baccalaureate schools.   

CHINESE PROGRAM - Shanghai High School 2007

As part of the Foundation's effort to encourage and assist American teachers to find teaching positions, abroad, we are announcing our collaboration with Shanghai High School's International Department.  The beautiful campus, spread out over many acres of well-kept gardens and walkways and buildings organized around subject areas such as languages, mathematics, science, arts.  Standards are high, and there is a waiting list for full time expatriate teachers to join the student body of over 2,000 students.  Senior Teacher Zhang ZeHong is pictured at right.  Applicants must have a Bachelor degree. Those who have a Masters or a Doctorate, and a teaching license or teaching experience are preferred. 

Pictured at left:  The technology building lobby decorated with artwork designed by students.

During Chinese legal holidays, school holidays, and Christmas holidays full-time teachers are entitled to rest with full pay according to the number of classes listed on the schedule. (Summer vacation and winter vacation are not included.) The official national holidays are subject to Shanghai Municipal Government's notification.  Teachers Interested in working at Shanghai High School may visit the Shanghai High School website: www.shsid.org   More information is available.

Pictured below:  All-Saints-Day Display Tribute to deLesseps S. "Toni" Morrison, previous Executive Director of the Cordell Hull Foundation for 22 years. 
To qualify for J-1 Exchange Visitor status, teachers must hold valid teaching certificates or university degrees from their home countries, have at least three years of teaching experience or the equivalent, and meet other requirements. 

See What are the basic requirements for teacher acceptance into the CHF Exchange Visitor Program? on the FAQ webpage. Teachers are contracted by the school, school district or state education system on a temporary basis for a period of one year, extendable to three years. Participants are expected to return to their native countries to exercise skills and knowledge acquired in the United States, thus strengthening the ties and communications which unite us with other nations of the world.

Pictured with her students is Julieta Montiel, a Panamanian teacher who obtained her Masters degree using a Cordell Hull Foundation tuition waiver in Louisiana negotiated by former Executjulieta.jpg (13621 bytes)ive Director deLesseps "Toni" Morrison.

Other initiatives include a funding campaign to produce a one-hour Documentary film on the life of Cordell Hull during  his years of planning the United Nations, and a pilot teacher technology-training programs for CHF exchange teachers.  Funding is being sought for the d.s. Toni Morrison Summer Studies Program in Antigua, Guatemala to support short-term intensive study trips for teachers or businesspeople to become fluent in Spanish.  Students have the opportunity of living with a Guatemalan family while enjoying expert one-on-one instruction from native-speaking specialists at the Escuela San Jose el Viejo.  See International Programs.

New York City Walking Tours

Webpage written by CHF Trustees and edited by Joseph Scott, Communications Director. 

Click here to go to CHF Teacher Application in English.
After pop-up box appears, click on Cancel or Escape.  Save the file using your last name.  

Memorandum of Understanding - Required for Teacher Applicants to print and sign

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Ficher de candidature de CHF en fran?ais
Contact: Marianne Mason, Executive Director
Phone:  (646) 289-8620
Fax:  (646) 349-3455
The Cordell Hull Foundation
for International Education
45 Rockefeller Plaza, Floor 20
New York, NY  10111    (by appointment only)